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tv   After Words with Hugh Hewitt  CSPAN  February 4, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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taibbi will be signing books. we also have his former book that he talked about. thank you. [inaudible conversations]
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probably only person that night who voted for donald trump and i thought i would be be back and, in fact, staid until 2 a.m. i did my show an saw the president spoke at 8:30 a.m. and stunned
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if there was i have been saying this everywhere if the nfl was like them we would be in the publisher protocol. we doapght need the republican party and, in fact, they said they don't. when you write a book about what the republicans should do with president elect trumple and i said general do that. can you do it in 60 days because i've been thinking what would it be like as a republican majority and a republican president? and so slowed down. i did the next few days to put the book on the 24th of the monday after the president was sworn in and it's about what? and ought to support the congress, what liberals ought to think about us and how we can actually get stuff done. >> what do liberals think about us? >> that we're not crazy but the best interest in the country at heart and care about poor people and we want people to have health insurance and we want the military to be strong an we don't want a war within and there are ways to accomplish it and if they their ears they
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might learn that we have a pretty good set of ideas they've worked repeatedly and first was fdr way, the government the second way was reagan, roll back. third way was tony blair and bill clinton cover over the fact that it was backed but with some conservative trimming around the window. first is hamilton and trump way and big strong federal government doing what it ought to do in its enumerated power and a lot of liberty and power to the state. >> let me make sure i heard you as a conservative you said a big strong federal government. >> in the areas for example, a big navy. 350 ships not 282, and a big air force. 1400 fighters not what we have right now in a big army and a huge marine corps. by historic standards and a big fence. i want a big fence and arguing about that for ten years in a book called pinning the map red in 2006 and you have to build
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the fence and never reform immigration and president trump is building the fence. >> we'll get into you have a lot of specific here is and so we'll get into some of the more nuance edges here. but as mention republicans now enjoy a majority. they wield tremendous power. the last time democrats had the white house, the senate in the house, i would say that i didn't do much with it. they didn't touch immigration really, no tax reform, entitlement reform an doesn't touch gun or climate change, really, what should the gop do to avoid just sort of sitting on their power and not make the most of this opportunity that could be done in two years who knows. >> that they have a long time and supermajority so they did stimulus save and did obamacare and they did dot frank an all of the that will be gone in two years. it will all be swept is away and no trace of the obama
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presidency, 18508 billion you cannot find when i talk about investment infrastructure, invest i want to build thing ought not to waste any time. under the rule that is the senate, you get to do one big thing a year with those votes and big thing is to repeal obamacare and replace with 60 votes but if not on the democrats i think we'll get something. year two you get one big thing with 60 votes but this is shorthanding it and tax reform although some want to get rid of dot frank with the second big thing and third big thing in the 2019 cycle will be to repeal dot frank. those are our three big thing pes undo, and what we can do is when we replace obamacare national market, which is the, you know, president trump talked about that and nobody if unpack if you have to understand and i would get it. but what's that mean of race of lines we knew one market, a national market for every
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insurance product we can did a great deal on the judiciary with only 51 votes thanks to senator reid. we can get a great deal done and the federal government rollback. >> back to in thes and swanneddering an opportunity things you mention that they did do they didn't do with a ton of republican support if i recall not one republican supported obamacare. >> not one. so was that a mistake is lesson there for republicans going forward that these things might be more permanent if we get democratic buy-in. >> that was passed without our support can be about undone without our support but if they want to do something like replace obamacare it would be good to find a half dozen to 20 democrats to agree and be brought along. for example it might be controversial i want an immigration overhaul, i think we're not going to defort 11
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million people of once the wall gets built i'd like to regularize them and not repeal dhaka so there's a middle grad to arrange to export and deport those people that are bad people, committed felon i-in and violence on their record. but most of the 11 to 12 billion are not that. at least the majority and probably closer to 90% i live in california, i live with illegals every day, and i understand the undocumented to be perfectly ordinary people trying to live their lives and improve themselves. i'd love trump to deal with the democrats on that and say okay you want to regularize we'll regularize but in return i'm going to get these things for obamacare. these bridges and these structures, there's deals to be done that would benefit the country on that it would be useful to have democrats. >> while we're on immigration we're so long republicans and democrats have -- benefited from the broken immigration system.
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they ran elections on that, and they fund raised on that. and i think people looking at president trump wonder optimistically maybe that he doesn't come with any of that baggage. he sees problem he wants to fix it. maybe he will be the president that fixes this spoken immigration system but he'll need both parties. >> let me turn around and ask you a question i think he's invulnerable to charges of amnesty the charge of amnesty bounce off of him. do you agree with that? >> i would think so for many reasons he's not created a perception that he's going to be -- [laughter] kind to, you know, on this issue. >> nixon to china moment comes only nixon can sit down to not be accused of being on the reds and only trump can do an immigration deal and not be accused of amnesty mark, our friend will say amnesty but
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programmed to say amnesty and no one will hear him if he doesn't focus on amnesty. dges on some of the specifics you laid out -- most -- would require a lot more spending. infrastructure spending, immigration, you talk resupplying the military so i'm a starve the beast conservative explain to me the value of more spending to get what we want. >> most of the long-term deficit is tied up in entitlement reform and last chapter in the book is about raising retirement age subsequently over many years incrementally to advance to 70, 72 given what's happened with human aging. unchaining and doing things to reform and back to states with a cap on what they get and reform with medicare with voucher had and i'm not afraid of the v word and those are huge savings what's not a lot of money is $85 billion and that's what since president obama got $805 billion
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my argument to make it easy for steelers fans out there to give them one tenth what we gave barack obama 85 billion and let them spend it through local agencies he controlled to build trophy, 85 billion is not a lot of money. rebuilding military is but ought to be willing to put that gdp were to put 2.5 low last month into the national defense so that is a lot of money . but nick goes over to omb and cut tax cuts, epa tax, cuts -- u.s. special wildlife service department of the interior a lot of money to be cut from that. but i would give him what i call noncommitted discretionary dollars to do it as the president promised he would do -- >> and on that -- on infrastructure. he talked about this through the course of his campaign, some republicans worried about how much he was going to spend in the article early days.
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how do you think that is shaping out to look what donald trumpments to on immigration with democratic support to do it. >> i got a call from a republican congressman senior conservative i will leave unnamed senior conservative is worried about spending and a is worried about the government growth under donald trump. and my argument is he won, he campaigned on few things very specifically one is the wall and other is 350 ships in the navy and other is infrastructure those are the three. basically nothing else and trade deals. and i think boy do i disagree on trade i'm a free trader i didn't like the but he won. he just doing what he said. and my argument to the senior conservative is only office that is elected nationally and specific things he gets a mandates and ronald reagan ran on a huge navy and on a tax cut and he got those things. president obama ran on surplus on obamacare and when you win
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you get what you want, and you can hag it will on the details. but it may be short-term expensive, long-term. >> so republicans you've talked to are worried. >> oh, very much. without trump being a big government conservative. >> bigger than george w. bush and republicans you know on those debate stages i listen to him talk about some things and spending, it is not paul ryan i'm a paul ryan republican. i'm a reagan republican, opportunity of society liberty, and morning, america not what we heard on inauguration day. but he won, and i do understand the american carnage. i actually the speech startled me. what did you think of the inaugural address? >> e liked many parts of it but mourn conserve teff it didn't capture the optimism that i think a lot of his supporters have going into tomorrow. >> dr. larry and i got together and listened to it on my radio
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show and he made me listen to it and read reagan first inaugural when reagan took over from carter inflation running along at 14 pblght and language he used c word carnage but a lot of words about destruction, destroy wealth people optimism, dark speech. four years later morning in america so i listen it that and then i also thought about moonlight. have you seen moonlight movie? win the best picture i think it will win. i hope it wins. it is begs movie i've seen in many years about an eight-year-old african-american child with a crack head mom who is sexual orientation is up for grabs, gay and doesn't know what that means and bullied and terrible he lives in a drug infested neighborhood. make me want to see it because you're not -- >> how to survive and takes one like me to a worlds i never go to nor ever seen in movies great movies do that.
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they tack you to saving private ryan but someplace where you can't go to. >> there's redemption i hope. >> maybe not what you would approve of but compassion and you understand -- but it shows american concernage is not about white america. it is about all of america that is suffering under drug culture under grinding condition of lawlessness. trump's right there's a lot of the country and in america jd vance sb hamilton, ohio, opioid epidemic but dads his natural father gave him up to him and adopted father abandoned him and hill billy grandfather and beatings and screaming, yelling dysfunctional family is getting worse. so the carnage in america is real. trump called it out. now he wants to fix it. >> now, that book resonated with my kentucky born dad as well.
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a lot, but i just read today that the illinois governor said that trump hasn't called about the violence in chicago. and they haven't had that discussion. now let me grant president trump was like a couple of days in. to his presidency and already done a lot. but do you see the words translating into action when it comes to those connections he made with people in the west belts and blue collar manufacturer? >> first day more outreach than barack obama did in a year to his opposition when he brought in the carpenters eye on steel workers union, craft, running craftsman and born in ohio with all of uaw and united steel work and plumbers in men and women who build things, and who work with their hands and he's expanding his coalition. and i believe my light touch industrial policy if you do a corporate tax cut, paul ryan
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speaker told me they want a 5.5% grace period so if you come back apple you've got -- 200 billion and tax it 5.5%. generate an enormous amount of revenue and if i'm donald trump you bet paul but i want to tell them before they use that they have to build their next plant and next campus not a plant but a campus in -- let's go up to what is joe biden's favorite town, scranton, wisconsin, because of the example i use in the fourth way the law school in michigan a wonderful university town in 1980,-83 and run town, and now it's a light. it's a fire because five years ago google bought 60 acres and moved carwas there and what is when you put americas into ann
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arbor the town explodes with startup and service industry and young engineer and all of that kind of stuff. if you do that with facebook in a different state and do that with apple in a different state and foxconn that macs iphone they want to build a flat screen facility somewhere in the united states if i'm trumple a 50,000 jobs good jobs really grat job, hey, mr. foxconn wait you're going to build it in scranton or blue state because that blue call came down and that's light touch industrial policy but you'll build it here. >> light touch because republican complained about democrats wanting to interfere and private businesses. and more ways than one -- when trumple say use build it here or nowhere is that light touch?
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>> i've seen rick perry come into california and take a business like velcro fingers and steal it is businesses because this tax rate is good over here so if we're going to lower corporate tax rate and make a lot of money of stranded profits to more effectively or cost of energy it is light touch to say i don't care where you're going to build a campus but a campus here but by the way great where voters that's light touch. >> i want to quote you, to you when i know is very uncomfortable but bare with us. you have a good line in here about -- the key of we. trump, pence, if they govern in the key we inclusively joyously americans are happy people. they want an end to the political carnage back to the
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clinton, disillusion of unity into post iraq. him partisan attack on president bush and panic bailout and the sorry the bailout on cohearse of obamacare and that'siest campaign in modern times i remember that as well. is trump the guy who can transcend this divisive us versus them and as you say in here, our friend era of good will? >> key of with we is not rhetorical and not a gifted order. but what at what he does he went to an african-american church in the campaign and didn't say much because of sway and i get that, and that's okay if you show up, you're saying a lot. and so i'd leak to see him show up in inner city and santa ana california, home to more actually mexican in one place and in one place than any other
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city in concentrated form in the united states at least it is said that about santa ana and live ten miles from there. so i'd like to see him show up in communities that send the message of inclusiveness and cope his twitter fight to the media. i don't mind him fighting with the media because we're privileged the lease and highman and god father the business we have chosen someone wants to say to me on national stage you're a low rated talk show host which mr. donald trump did and lindsey graham brings that up. very funny. that's okay we're supposed to take the tight, fight with us "don't ask, don't tell" fight with americans who aren't -- can't punch back. punch up at the network, punch up at vested power and wall street punch up at the russian, syrian not americans. i think if he does that, he can hit the key to we even if it is a little off tempo. >> a little flat. [laughter] >> i got the twitter treatment as well.
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>> so you got a trump tattoo. >> a badge of honor. >> people don't like not being in that class. [laughter] okay he called me a loser -- >> well i'm low rated so we're -- >> fired quite a while ago according to him. >> funny it's a remarkable time. when did you decide that donald trump could get your vote and you told him to quit the race at least once on twitter. when did you get to the place where you said this is who i'm voting for? >> the history is not very interesting to anyone but me. buttives switzerland to the whole campaign 170 interviews with republican candidates because i was doing the debate so you have to be fair. when he won i said i'm for you always been for the republican nominee and attacked judge i did a broadcast and flying the plane into the mountain attacking the judges stage four cancer if you don't treat it it will kill you and become on the trump bus and
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campaign with them. we barn storm and trump, trump and then online access video it was disturbing for me. moral grounds so i asked him to withdraw so my choice is -- donald trump and hillary clinton that's easy. donald trump. and it is come ugh true with with the supreme court, i said back in january, before he was the nominee people remember trump was always a bad idea some people box themselves in by never been trumpers so you have with a buy their choice hill l rei or donald and i want mr. trump, and when it came down to it i decided on the day of the election to vote for him because i said i would -- >> on that day because i didn't want another hollywood access video of the morning. i was burned by that, and i thought they must have more. i was convinced they would more
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and more people are dealing russian, but i didn't believe that. but -- allegations out there to wait and i was in new york an california allows you to vote on the day of but has to be received within three days and i thought i could to it overnight. no, turns out by special delivery to cost $48 to get my ball sent to me in new york but in california. >> expensive. i take it seriously. >> so president trump as of this moment has pretty dismal approval records an for someone at this point and time among all presidents how does he begin to turn that around? >> he's doing effectively what he needs to do which is keep his promises on the big floor that we've talked about and execute his nurls will rise.
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they rised in first week rather significantly double digit rise because maybe he's different and campaign on a and does z. if he does just that alone will get him 10% being who he he woud be they went down with fights, and that is not helpful to him and he'll figure that out because he's a learning machine and media savvy social media learning emotion but problem from the last segment of the tort way about impeachment and into one chapter and what did hamilton say is and what did we do with andrew johnson and with bill clinton, because i think that democrats are setting him up to be impeached if they get the house majority back that's what they'll do. >> i'm glad you brought that up. jumping ahead a bit. in thes were talking about impeach him.
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i want to read something you said admitting that look republicans have impeached our own before you say we've done this in the past they'll do it again the country and party immediate it den and if party needed it done they would do it. gop has been tested on that before, and did not fail. the democrats did not convict their impeached president by their conclusions but president trump who has begun his time of authority so well is prpsessed appointments so not without some controversy are generally superb is not lineally to camp impeachment gods and he will self-regulate all do respect. what are you on, and can i have some? >> a self-regulated trump are. explain because people hear that and they think what? >> self-regularring regards to especially volume clause. but before the election should troy and richard relationship but in article with brookings
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saying that president trump will violate on day one. now i happen to be toasming conlaw at the father law chapman law school for 20 years and never ever did that pass my lips in 20 years and what do you i went off and took the article. read it, researched it and it means a salary connected with an officer that's what it mean and gifts mean something different that's when ben franklin received jewel enkrupsed snuff box to ask congress for their afraid of bibs that cools down to bribing so then i read and this was the seflt regulation party hired don mccann former commissioner very smart guy. don mccann to president bush former counsel to president ray begun and smartest guy this town
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said what to i have to do with my buzz? business the opinion was self-regulating which had is to turn the business over so that you're only aware of the bottom line not the individual transaction. but you don't have to sell. now in you and i both know he own it is turn bury. during the xin and kid if they sold turn bury buzz he loves turn bury if you see him talking about that on ads he's doing bad things and did that except in a humorous way you might say i guess i shouldn't be talking about going turn bury so something like that. that's not violation. >> or the course of the next four years conflict of history story will follow him right or wrong at -- such a complicated weapon of --
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>> they have to be caesar's wife in anyone gives anyone a bribe he'll be impeached spcial a democratic congress and he's nots going to take a. this is a smart developer who is used a lot to his advantage. he's not going to release taxes etch though hefltion told he was going to release his. and baked into the cape and understand not to release that and voted for him anyway. that's not imable. keep the kids away from secret meetings he's fine and i believe self-regulate on the money there's no needs for him not to, and if i'm wrong i'm wrong and we'll know about it. because there are fair hold, not the only reporter who wants pulitzer there are ledge out there trying to bring him down, and i've had only e-mail exchangeses with ivanka trump and i think she's very smart.
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i have not had any conferses with jared kushner but he's smart and i don't know eric, i assume they're very smart. more importantly mccann is smart and donald trump did not off of the fruit truck on the way into town and make a billion dollars i think it's successful, there's a reason. kids are lovely and very smart but i'll shift gears just a little l. i'm a gay right supporter. in the bock you explain why i shouldn't be worried about trump supreme overturning over to foul gay marriage. explain that to people who might be like me. >> i had the longest conversation to put more law in, you know, a little down, no people care about that. the decision jap holding same-sex marriage rights in states five four decisions in the book i write if trump gets more appointment after this one
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from left side of the court being samantha kenty over soto mayor and robe bee wade will be turned over and casey which is real law is bad law and doesn't hold up to science and when born and all of these different issues i think overturns an left to the states to regulate not forbidden. ...
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we stick with cases that we decided but not always what would be separate but equal. you know we are never ã internet by the way there is a long list that we overturned minimum-wage decisions. so which side of the lawn does he fall on. that which he would or would not overturn.and according to his reason he would never return that because it is to the detriment and their deep life-changing decision. they've gotten married and they had chosen. you, in fact even when proposition eight was overturned i was uneasy about the california. because six or seven muscular gotten married and had children in the thought, i am a little easy because it is only eight months. it was only one state. it was a bad decision.but now
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we have three years, tens of thousands of people got married.many same-sex couples. the churches have not looked on. if they do not agree with it ã i do not we with any conservative that understands the rule of law. >> i believe is the first president to come to office as a gay-rights supporter. >> i think richard purnell will be the ambassador. i think that is the case. he's a good friend of mine. he is going to be, he is hell on wheels on the russians. i think he will be a great ambassador. donald trump is a manhattan urbanite, sophisticated. >> i agree but i wonder if you will feel pressured by may be some people who voted for him other republicans in congress who act on that.
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>> i am an evangelical roman catholic ãbut unmoving circles of the conservative people. nobody wants to mitigate this. he wants alone. i believe that this is reserved for men and women married if i want to have that led not to be left alone. -- what you have to do because you're in, so what do not have to do because ãwe can work it out. but let's all just get along. rodney king. >> talked about the effect of the lead role under donald trump. and how democratic ? >> i love harry reid. thank you senator reid if you're watching.
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and 2005 republican leaders wanted to detonate the nuclear option.i was all part because the filibuster is constitutional. within the class make up his uncle made this will about filibusters a month out of the. then i got abused by the democrats. so they were blocking john roberts and they were blocking mcgill estrada was the greatest miscarriage of justice. him not getting on the d.c. circuit. they were blocking david prior. and they say we're going to change the rules of the senate for the simple majority vote. a bunch of republicans, seven of them, they got seven democrats. they said we are going to save filibuster and approve this list of judges and they did not do anything if the aftercare festival 2015, democrats are frustrated because republicans adopted ãproving any judges.
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they had 11 justices of the time they'll have seven and therefore vacancies. in republicans not putting anyone on did not liberals on. so they controlled the state. and we said we are going to detonate that option in republicans said you will certainly change the rules of the senate. 51 votes to change rules of the senate. the rule that they changed only applied according to read two appeals courts, district courts and executive branch. because it is of the same kind. on appearances. but what matters more than anything that the rules of the senate change of 51 votes. and that is the reason you cannot erase that. >> did they just think they're going to be ? >> i thought about it a lot. why would you do that to
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probably thought helen removed -- today got that hillary clinton would win. and then we look at this likely is it even includes the senate will get back this cycle. we barely held onto it. >> yeah right. >> 2013 was pre-donald trump but they were arrogant. everyone in washington arrogant ends up on their rear and am thinking is called the law of black swans. >> right. republicans were successful in 2010 and 2014. and it's because they had an opposition. there was a lot of anger. people already guess it was frustration. how do republicans you have been thinking of enthusiasm for the next term to turn out the same kind of people or they just care.
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>> momentum, it's likely for the patriots. my house here in d.c. was full of people from california akin to marking the women's market and they are not radical lectors. their center, centerleft women who feel threatened by the trump administration. and i wrote a "washington post" comments about this. about them coming to my house for the inauguration. deeply upset, anxious, losing sleep over this. it is really cultural. he is not lincoln like it appeals to the better angels and all. he is confrontational, a brawler. i think the republicans have to be very careful of the energy shift to the left. the waves marches ãpeople want to look past them and pretend they did not happen like democrats to look past the tea party.>> right.
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>> there was a fundamental shift. not that made him a marxist mobilization of the war in 1962. that was a fundamental shift. fifth avenue from 34th street to trump tower completely left off. those people are not going to stop. enable them to organize. and the number of county that donald trump took. they should protect the public majority. productive democrats 2006 and 2010. fundamentally, they had to redistrict themselves into majority position and that the war in president obama was delivering. the standard american consensus exists. i'm not going to ãthe american consensus exists on a number of issues. i think what is immigration. i think there is american consensus we do not deport these people. >> yes. let's and the same thing with defense. we have a huge, i think there
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is an american consensus.and when you get off of that, and we do not meet people by chance if they don't want to. leave me alone. i'm sitting in my room you're not allowed to tell me what to do. if you violate the consensus, you risk review. it presents five effect consensus on cultural matters, the attitude, language, what we expect may present. which is not done yet. i don't mind his tweets. after solute, i have not seen him do not. but if he is not, that would mobilize and it would overwhelm republicans. part of the 2010 ãdemocrats stayed home. but republicans ãcongress didn't do anything so they sit on their hands and don't do anything. who is going to be excited? >> or if they do not need to
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turn because things are so great. and they can afford to sit home. >> you know if you're worried about that things can't be great. >> love, if you are donald trump boater and you were told for months and months, you're never going to get away, you're never going to be president. you might think look, got away, things are going to be rocking and rolling and great. >> there was some orders. >> donald trump is in the white house. he doesn't need to come out in two years. i am donald trump and ãbut there was a runner on the merging turned out for obama in 2008 did not come in 2010. in the k-9 in 2012.they were not to hillary and they were not but they are into donald trump. president obama is very
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complacent. and even in this election, he talked a lot about himself. he did not, michelle obama donald trump will not make the mistake obama did. >> you have to hope that the senators and congressmen wanted to come out for them. you have to hope that he is going to position himself that way. i did not vote for donald trump. but he is no president not and i wanted to succeed. i really do. i want our country to succeed. how can conservatives like me who did not support him, find ways to support him now without compromising the various symbols that led us to not support him through the election?
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>> that is a great question. a good friend of mine did not vote for the president. i just hope that he is open to being wrong about what he can accomplish. i am hoping he can accomplish a lot and that he works collaboratively. here's two things that can happen. i think would give you and pete and other people that did not vote for him some hope. the first is speaker ryan. he is as republican as you are and i think and mitch mcconnell, they have adopted a vision of an institutional place, not a person. 1600 is going to execute, if he executes great, if he works with us on legislation than great. we are not going to deal with the personality. >> they don't, they want. they really do not comment. >> and that is okay. the second thing he did. and maybe the best thing he did. he wanted mitt romney for secretary of state.i am a mitt romney fan. i worked hard for him and
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really wanted him to win. daddy's and sincere conversation. i believe it to be true. i think he really does politically they persuaded him. so he went looking for secretary of state.called up robert gage. he comes to be trump tower. he says you need to talk to rex tillerson. he says tell me about him. >> he says he does relegate. exxon, grow up through the ranks. he says okay. and he does not know rex tillerson, he never met him. when he hires him after he checked him out with rice and baker. and by the way, dan was the undersecretary of energy for obama. all these different people think rex tillerson. in donald trump likes the
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casting of it. tells me he is standing up. if i see a series of appointments like scott pruitt. now i know scott pruitt pretty well. these are great appointments. scott pruitt will bring the epa back to its regulatory appropriate place. he will stop them from destroying america. he will stuff the extralegal grabs of power that mccarthy and before her, i can't remember he had the administrative ãbig blue of congress and it is a rogue agency. they shut that down. he will be the bill bennett for the administration. the evangelist of franchise. i heard him give a speech was in it hurt him on a radio show talking about how we invented the franchise.
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i didn't know this. there is a new will be out about this. the franchise he explains is the greatest engine for taking people with very little means and getting them turning them into wealthy people. >> right. >> they work and whether it is a grocery store or 7-eleven or hardees are mcdonald's, they accumulate wealth and pozner is so brilliantly evangelical on this. so if donald trump, and nikki haley, an american woman that can set their talk about american values from south carolina it is dynamic. and by the way think jeff sessions, i worked ãjeff sessions is clearly the most qualified nominee that we've ever had and he served as an assistant in the united states attorney, united states attorney, state attorney general and for terms. >> right. >> great appointment. i don't know that associate
10:46 pm
attorney general and deputy attorney general but if he stands up, this administration and this team i mean recurring was arrival. and some people are not in that i expect but if you stand up i will be happy and i will expect you will come around and say, he has his quirks but i'm going to hope he gets reelected if it is up against cory booker for the most talented person ever knows probably chris murphy from connecticut. he is a likely nominee. it is very tempting. only two years and four years. she's very talking very smart. so you have a hard luck tilting the ports in the opposite direction which is a president still you are uneasy with, maybe it will comfort you. >> it is funny. i love books like this that
10:47 pm
wrestle with who we are is a movement and is a party. i've always thought that conservatism has done investment made either an intellectual argument, those moments when it was actually conservative populating manhattan cocktail parties. that was reagan right? do you put donald trump in either one of those categories? >> no. the israeli -- the prime minister ãhe is a man the party and is ambitious. people never thought that he believed this they would start israeli was -- more important he went to the congress in vienna and said they are all students. he is the man.
10:48 pm
he orchestrated everything. he orchestrated everything and he was ãi went to work for him in 1978. it was the best biography ever. if you understand israel you will get me and you will get this. it is about party. i am a party guy. and a lot of people think that is a dirty word. the israeli makes the argument, nothing is done without a party. in the party cannot be small. has to be big. so donald trump is on the vertebral fringe of the american party and ideology. it is not where i am but he built a majority in congress. we had that briefly in 2001. in 2005 siblings party year ever. very shy though. very ãmyers, katrina in the war. no wonder we lost the majority. so i think donald trump might be a party guy. he might just be transformative
10:49 pm
figure for the republican party. democrats are in the wilderness for 50 years. >> people talk about his administration and the traditions that have long been my cash positions. do you think the white house is going to change him or that he will change the white house and the nature of that office as we have noted? >> great question. president reagan never took off his coat. president nixon had a tape recorder. so there are different traditions for different republican presidents. george w. bush has six natural ãi tell this in -- in the era of islamic terrorism and what president trump called the newcomer, it becomes a, of course it must change. this has to be as scary as hell.
10:50 pm
i never been in one. ...
10:51 pm
>> the first chapter is about conservatives who build things churches, with local government, who understand the needs of the poor at the halt, the blame and lame and underclass and actually have solutions. paul ryan is conservative and catholic social gospel packaged in a goofy hunting app with a beard in november, and he's walking, talking embodiment of what i believe in in what government should do and they don't believe it. my friends they say funniest thinking to me. you probably get this too. you're the nicest person. there >> i get that you're the t normal.
10:52 pm
>> and i don't have got to understand -- that talking that stuff in the green room everyone is getting along and conservatives want poor people to prosper. we don't want move independent and don't like crime. we -- we have 700 murders donald trump keeps coming back to that. that is astonishing number. chicago on the weekend in some neighborhood not the neighborhood i go to when i'm in chicago but freaking dangerous and parents walk with their kids to the l school an shot in the park and what do you do rudy stopped it in new york but my friend joy reed told me they hate rudy because of the message that he used that he demonize and won reelection but if donald trump takes african-american vote from 8% i think mitt romney got 4 and he got 4-6 and if to
10:53 pm
10 democrats are dead and if he shattered african-american consensus that democrats must always win and that party is bad. and so republican party might split. but we could become free party and people have written that if he avoids the cliff and first column would have been impeached within a year i think that's crazy. not going to do that. he -- said white house has marvelous telephone can you believe that? he likes not trump tower but got marvelous telephones. i think that's so trump-like, and we'll be talking about i'm 60 years old so i get that if i'm welcomey my grandfather went to 101 but i want to watch it all. and see what the historianings say about hmm one on level detach and say most interesting moment in american history but so dangerous abroad. >> yeah, well i've said the same they think that isn't this exciting to watch.
10:54 pm
even if i don't always like but exciting time on the frontline of this as we are. last question, you're a democrat. what's your prescription you have a prescription to qrvetive and trump and paul ryan what's your prescription to the democratic party? because it shall it seems to me they're in a bit of a crisis. they acknowledge the voters that they may have left behind over the past decade or two but they want to cling to their progressive that's their rock stars are on progressive wing not in the middle. what does the democratic party if you're like me and want two strong parties to make them better. what do you tell them? >> honestly because i never trust democrats -- above but i would elect tim ryan leader of the house a graduate of my high school we went to john f. l kennedy high school in
10:55 pm
one ohio, and he's a center left democrat who evolved on choice from a pro-life kat welcome to reproductive life catholic in transition which is difficult for anyone who goes there because he wanted to be a player and his part. he might run for governor of ohio and he could win but extraordinarily gifted. sed in massachusetts -- marine, hard nose, serious about foreign policy if they go to these people they're not progressives. but they're not. they have the chance for paul ryan not just midwest and smart, wasn't at d-day he's younger and nancy pelosi and instead says i know yowpght some younger midwesterner talent we'll pick some for you. i just oh, okay they've lost it i didn't get it. >> got a two-year warning ticket which is out of here in two years, don't run again, and, of course, having -- chuck schumer perfect from my
10:56 pm
perspective because he -- he is new york. he's the machine. he know it is donald trump. he knows donald trump, and how can he probably october any line the first week in the job and didn't confirm with a deal in pompeo the concert where two bands are at same time you can't hear anything and you want to let some bad news about about the democrats get out there unimpeded. chuck schumer promised to vote for mike on friday to go to the cia with the president as the new u director and broke his word because that wouldn't play and tom cotton great senator future president i believe, got into a yelling match with him and chuck schumer said if you were here eight years ago you would though we didn't confirm this and eight years ago i get mine shot. you lied to me. so don't use the l word richard did, liar and that's a bad way
10:57 pm
for chuck schumer to start very bachelor's degree. i want them to say self-destructive focused on small things hyperboll egg let them go crazy on everything, because then we win. if they actually cooperated on obamacare replacement if they actually did, they would do better. there's a lot of people like you and me we don't want them dead and wounded for a while. [laughter] it's restock the cord. and then come back into seminormal status. >> do you think i've also witnessed the democratic freakout that meltdown -- do you think that will end you keep like, i keep wondering okay election get into inauguration the day after inauguration many boycotted and then march, he thinks he'll come to a period to democrats to accept this even people accept this and they kind of get to work?
10:58 pm
>> you and i both work with and like him very much, and i got in the course of the debates which i was mostly at cnn before nbc spent a lot of time with van he's so smart. charismatic and wonderful, a temptation for van to go and for joy and for everyone who is talking head lefty to go nuclear on trump all of the time which is they get applause online. and so twitter amplifies everyone's statements because the people don't agree and don't say anything and people agree, they cheer you on, and so amplification of the extreme is dangerous thing for the democrats and really up to the fan, with and joy, and other people on the will have the who are on tv not their leaders nobody listen to nancy pelosi you said, but you're not listening. nobody cares when she said. but if van jones and other people make arguments move to the center and be responsible that's powerful. that could work. >> well knowing van anything is possible with him --
10:59 pm
>> we're watching when he does it. we have our eyes on him. well thank you so much. the fourth way to great read. >> thank you so reading it so closely and a great interview. c-span where history unfolds daily. in 1979 c-span was created as a public service by america's capable television company and brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. here's a look at upcoming book fair and festivals happening around the country on saturday february 18th booktv will be live from georgia at the savannahbook festival with james patterson. whitehead and fox business news jerry willis and follow-up in march with live coverage from the 9th annual tucson festival of books from campus of the university of arizona. march 22nd through the 26th it
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